Are Dental Implants Really That Expensive?

Although the cost of dental implants may appear to be quite expensive in the beginning, there are many things to consider first before making a final decision about the price. The cost should not appear as just a dollar figure, but must take into consideration what it would really be like to give up some foods or pleasures forever.

Eating is never the same for someone wearing dentures or dental bridges. Although soft foods do not create problems, a person should imagine what it would be like to lose the ability to bite into a big, juicy hamburger or eating nuts, like almonds or pistachios. Some of these pleasures taken for granted would be lost because dentures are never as sharp as natural teeth, which is needed when trying to take a bite out of some foods or chewing others. Food particles underneath the dentures can cause considerable pain and need to be removed immediately, whereas with dental implants, this is never a problem. Glues and paste help dentures somewhat, but not completely.

Bone structure is an important component in maintaining a youthful appearance. Without teeth, the bone structure deteriorates when it is not needed for support, and over time, this will cause the look of shrunken and sagging skin appearance. Dentures also become ill fitting as the bone loss progresses.

Most people have problems with their speech for the first couple of weeks until they become adjusted to wearing dentures. There are times though, when a speech impediment was already present before dentures, it can lead to a worsening of that condition.

Most dentures and dental bridges last around seven to ten years before they need replacing, and a full set of dentures can cost around $500 each time. If the dentures or dental bridge falls or hits something hard such as the sink, they can sometimes break. This can be an unexpected cost and leave the person without their denture piece until a new one is made. This would entail another casting at the dentist office and waiting period for the replacement.

When dental implants are chosen over dentures or bridges, the bone structure is maintained, eating and talking is not a problem and there is never a need to replace the implants unless an accident or injury occurs, causing damage.

Once all these factors are considered, dental implants are not nearly as expensive as one originally thought.